application maintenance
and support services

Worried about your apps? Let us troubleshoot them for you!

We're committed to supporting our software for the long haul, so if you run into any bugs, don't panic. Just contact us and we'll take care of it!

Dtech values our customers and develops close relationships with them. We accompany them to the end of the production process. After we finish creating an app or website, we help our customers launch it, which isn’t the end of our relationship—we’re always ready to offer support when needed.

To help you meet your yearly software-maintenance and support needs, our company offers 3 months free support after completion of project as well as annual application maintenance and support services. Our team stays by your side during the entire year, providing additional support to your users as needed. Our application maintenance services also cover legacy systems.

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Application Maintenance and Support

WHAT DO OUR application maintenance and support services cover?

Post-Launch Support

Just launched your new software project? Let us handle any problems you encounter after the project has been implemented.


If you ever get stuck, we will go through your system and check it thoroughly to get to the bottom of the issue and fix it.

Contingency Plans

We build application maintenance and support strategies to avoid certain accidents, and tell you how to fix any unforeseen mishaps.

Prompt Fixing of Errors/Bugs

In case of a bug or error in the system, our dedicated application support services team will fix it so you can have a smooth experience.

Approachable Helpline Team

Our helpful team members are always at your disposal to address your issues and sort out any problems.

Updates to the App

If you feel that your system requires some additional module, our application maintenance services team will take care of it.

Not happy with your current provider?

Discuss the level of support and maintenance your app requires and we will propose a way forward.

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