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Creating an Effective Website Homepage

Your Website homepage is usually the first page a user lands on and is the basis for creating the first impression. It alone may be the deciding factor for retaining the user on the website or bouncing off.

A guide to video marketing

Over the years video marketing has gained traction in digital marketing for all sorts of businesses. In this day and age, it has become such an important aspect that it can not be ignored. It has especially become extremely popular on social media platforms.

Building A WordPress Website for Your Client

WordPress is one of the most commonly used CMSs for website development around the world. Developers usually pour their heart and soul in creating the perfect website however in certain instances

A Guide to Facebook Marketing

The role of social media in business marketing has changed, platforms like Facebook now play a major role in reaching out to customers.

An overview of Essential UI Tips

The user interface design of a website refers to the layout and more specifically the functionality of the interfaces. It differs from user experience in the sense that UI is considered a subset or a single aspect that builds a user experience.

Understanding Essential Google Analytics Metrics

Google Analytics is a free software created by Google that allows businesses to analyze their website performance. The software itself can be easily integrated into to a website by adding a single snippet of code.

2020; The Year of Mobile App Developments

The mobile app development industry is continuously expanding and growing with the advent of technology. The trends regarding the industry are continuously changing and staying aware of these changing trends is imperative to stay relevant.

Keyword Research: A Beginner’s Guide

A keyword is a term or word that highlights the topic of your content. It allows your target audience to find your content easily.

Leveraging Linkedin for social media marketing

Social media marketing is an effective method of gaining traffic and building awareness through social media sites.

An Overview of Mobile Search Engine Optimization

The popularity of mobile phones has risen exponentially and today most of the traffic a website experience is derived through mobile phones.

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