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Consumer Goods

Proposed Solution

Website Design and Development

Arab Dalla

Dtech Systems provided complete web design and development for Arab Dalla. It helped the company to reach out more customers. The customers were also given an opportunity to buy the products online. Dtech Systems developed a platform for Arab Dalla to help customers to shop on the website. We also provided social media marketing, along with search engine optimization in the market of KSA and other Gulf countries.

Key Challenges

The basic requirements and challenges are as under:

  • Developing a website with the details of the product
  • Increase the sales by engaging maximum audience on the website
  • Online shopping option for the customers to buy the products
  • Marketing campaigns for branding to bring the attention towards the website
  • Multilingual support (English and Arabic)

Business Solution

  • Dtech developed state of the art website with catchy design
  • The website runs in both languages English and Arabic
  • Sales are enhanced by our digital marketing campaigns
  • More people visited the website with our social media marketing techniques
  • Dtech improved the rankings of Arab Dalla website through search engine optimization

Business Impact

Arab Dalla website generated sales and enhanced ROI with our digital campaigns. The website was properly optimized for search engines. More people visited the website resulting in more orders. Arab Dalla was able to sell more coffee makers with Dtech’s digital strategy.


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