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Types of Web hosting

Web hosting is imperative for every website. It’s an online storage of your website and all its content that is made available to the consumer. Web hosting companies provide the server i.e. the physical location on the internet where your website and its associated data is stored as well all the technology that may be required for the functionality of the website.

How to Improve Business with Technology

The advent of technology has changed the ways of businesses and their growth. Gone are the days when the business relied on human’s memory and too much hard work. Technology has not only made enterprise-level business easy but also led the small-scale industry to grow efficiently. The use of technology helps to use a limited

Top 10 Business Tools For Small and Medium Businesses

Communication & Meetings 1. Skype: Free voice & video calls Skype – A Microsoft owned, is the leader in VOIP calling. Skype let you communicate and collaborate with your teams and your clients with agility. It provides you with instant messaging, calls between Skype and landline/mobile phone numbers, and video calling and screen sharing. 2.

Apple iPad mini 3-A Smart Choice

Technology today is the best way of connecting people and spreading your word all over the area. With this pretty good fact how it would be possible for one not to use hi-tech gadgets. With enough resources, smart device utilization has made our living more comfortable. However, before spending your resources on any device of

iPad Air 2; Amazing Feat of Apple to Strengthen the Tablet Market

Apple’s Latest Tablet iPad Air 2 is new faster, thinner, sleeker and improved smart device. Apple just took the design from last year’s iPad Air and unveiled its improved version both technically and physically. After redesigning, the new-fangled iPad come up with new thinner case (apparently the size of a laser-sliced pencil) which makes it

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