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General FAQ

Dtech Systems is a leading creative marketing and technology company. We offer web development, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Digital Marketing, and Data Science Services.

Dtech Systems has a vast experience of working with companies belonging to numerous industries. We have offered our services to businesses from medical, textile, technology, cosmetics, publishing, and even the food industry. We can assure you that we can provide a tailored solution to you irrespective of your industry.

Our web development process is as follows

  1. Initial Meeting
  2. Quotation and Proposal
  3. Design Phase
  4. Development Phase
  5. Testing Phase
  6. Going Live

Each project is unique however a timeline will be shared with the client before the design phase.

The client is involved throughout the development process, after the initial meeting the project coordinators would stay in touch with the client to provide regular updates and receive feedback.

The costs would vary for each project however a free quote can be requested on the website after providing some basic information. Additionally, our web and App cost calculator can provide an estimation.

Currently, we offer our services to anyone residing in the US, UK and GCC region.

Dtech systems uses the agile software development methodology. The project is completed in parts known as iterations which are then reviewed by the team and client to ensure flexibility and consistent feedback.

We offer free maintenance services to our clients for up to 90 days which includes fixing any issues as part of the agreed functionalities.

There are multiple ways to reach us, for details visit our contact us page.


KSA: 00966 56 100 4748

KSA: 00966 59 630 0000

PAK: 0092 323 453 3789

Web Development

A responsive web design adapts the web layout for all devices e.g mobiles, tablets, etc. and has become a prerequisite for all websites. Dtech systems ensures that all of its developments are responsive in nature ensuring cross-browser and device compatibility.

Yes, all of our past projects were SEO optimized to ensure higher rankings. Special integration of tacking and analytical services like Google Analytics etc. is also provided.

Yes, Dtech systems specialize in Magento development and has a rich experience in developing Magento based online stores. Our dedicated in house team of Magento developers can provide you a complete E-Commerce solution. For more information visit our Magento development services.

Yes, we can redesign your existing site if it is currently not meeting your objectives. Our team can analyze the existing site’s performance, identify the issues and recommend solutions accordingly.

Web hosting is the presence of your website on the internet. Each unique domain name and website is hosted on the internet allowing people access to your website 24/7.

App Development

There a number of factors to consider when selecting the platform. You may require to develop the app on both platforms or on one only. The decision often pertains to factors like target market, economic constraints, time to market, etc.

Consider the following questions before making a decision:

  • What is the demographic profile of your target market?
  • Which platform is preferred by your target audience?
  • What is your total budget?


You may also get in touch with Dtech Systems for consultation regarding the platform of choice.

Yes, our App development services pertain to both IOS and Android development.

We provide development services for the following types of applications

  • Native Apps
  • Mobile-web Apps
  • Hybrid Apps

We handle all the technical developments and provide complete support to our non-technical clients. Our team advises the client regarding the content, graphics, and requirements of the app.  Specialists will be available to guide the client through all the technical processes.

Yes, our team will help submit the App to the relevant app store as part of the development process.

Yes, you can receive support from our team after the App goes live. They may be or may not be charged depending on the scope of work pre-decided.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become imperative for businesses worldwide. The primary advantages lie in reaching potential consumers and achieving quantifiable results.

Yes, the primary goal of digital marketing is increasing web traffic and conversions which ultimately translates to an increase in sales. We get to know our client’s objectives and goals and form a strategy accordingly to attain targeted metrics.

We offer our services for all the top social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, and Pinterest.

The PPC campaigns are run on Google Adwords. A thorough keyword research is conducted to identify relevant keywords which are then incorporated into the campaigns and are periodically refined. Additionally, ad copy is created and the ads are scheduled.

The results of a marketing campaign can be easily measured by reporting. A number of analytical tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Manager, Twitter analytics etc. exist. We utilize such tools to keep a measure of important metrics which can indicate the effectiveness of a campaign. Get in touch for more information regarding our services of digital marketing and data science.

Latest Technologies

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence displayed by machines which mimic human intelligence and perform similar cognitive functions. They can even adapt and have the ability to learn, collect data and solve problems. Such AI has transpassed social use and has been incorporated by businesses in the form of chatbots, virtual assistants and voice bots. With the advent of technology with the help of machine learning, AI may also be able to display human-like empathy and common sense knowledge.

Motion UI is a trending interactive web design, that leaves a lasting impact on consumers by employing dynamic animations and graphics to their user interface. Motion UI is a preferred technique of developers for creating an engaging experience.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are similar to regular websites but have enhanced functionalities. Since they are built with progressive enhancements they can load web pages quicker irrespective of the web browser of choice. It’s also independent and free from cache issues.

Blockchain provides security to transactions conducted online. It allows data to be stored in different locations globally. In particular, blockchain is beneficial to financial institutions like banks that can ensure the safety of consumer data by algorithms.

Some popular examples of single page applications are Gmail, Github and even Facebook. An SPA eliminates the need to reload a page by loading content through JavaScript. Its a suitable option when creating responsive websites and additionally it supports mobile, tablet & desktop apps. Most recent developments on SPA are based on React and Angular frameworks that make it practical and suitable for hybrid apps.

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