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Digital Marketing Nov 26, 2014

3 Easy ways to Make Your Social Media Marketing Effective

Social Media Strategy   Success isn’t something you will get instantly or automatically. You need to put effective efforts and plan to make something happen the way you want. Your strong online social presence would certainly assist you to build your business brand without any time delay or financial waste. Social media channels can help you elevating your company’s ROI only if the plan framed and executed well. Or else, social media can badly choke your business to death. Ops! Not a good deal than how to make the best of social connectivity and promotional platforms. Go for brand strategy and then make your digital marketing strategy in line with that. Let your brand speak for you rather wandering after channel-specific tactics. However, choosing the best fitting social media channel and then how to promote your business therein needs you to be vigilant. Don’t be a risk taker without suitable strategy; every social media marketing campaign you start must have factual goals to avoid needless time consumption to socialize with the hope of results which actually don’t exist. Social Media Can Lead to Everything: No second thought for social media channels being significantly helpful in getting whatever you want for you and your business. Ultimate goal behind every marketing plan is to focus on customer opportunities and driving the prospective audience to achieve enhanced ROI. From personal to professional domain it can lead you getting the ultimate goal that is worldwide brand recognition and revenue elevation. Doesn’t matter if your business is small or large, you can target more loyal prospective clients, more brand recognition, more acknowledgment in the industry and lot more…..well a sort of everything. This is where a robust social media marketing plan can lead you but making it beneficial to the point of your choice, you need to put in great deal of efforts. Some platforms like twitter are so tricky where you need to be precise with limited characters for every message you want to convey to the audience. Here comes your creative and ingenious working strength for building sturdy and long term strategy to get hold on potential audience and to convert them to actual customers. Build Your Brand Strategy Around Audience:       Social media integration will help you in promoting collective influence of your brand and also to capture and target the potential customers over and over again. With ever increasing competition in the marketplace, you can make a huge difference in reaching and connecting to your possible audience with simple and easy to go solutions. Add up the below listed three feasibly applicable strategies to your social media marketing arsenal and get the desired results.
  • Make Your Timings Perfect
Life and its aspects are entirety dependent on time, in fact it’s all about timings and if you are capable of making its perfect use you can profitably get what you want. Same holds for Twitter or Facebook marketing of your business products or services. You need to keep checking in the best time to reach your audience and accordingly you can schedule your Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts and even the emails etc. Right use of time and the events in line is must irrespective if you do have a captive audience or not. Give them something appreciable to check out at their best free time. Well it all depends on the audience type you are going to target. For instance, if busy professionals ratio is more in your required consumers’ line up then you can make the best use of micro-opportunity windows like the lunch timings or few minutes before or after a meeting. Though global time zones differ but again here you can look into the area of your interest and can use Buffer for stetting your social media marketing posts to be deployed most frequently. Later in the afternoon, or early evenings and the dinner hours are also good times to share and promote your words. I personally experience that this is the time when higher click rates are resulted contrasting to posts published in the morning- the working hours everywhere. Similarly, business audience interaction rates observed to be higher on weekends but it depends  on your working area as normally on weekends people like to spend their time with family only and away of everything else. In short, the best timings of catching your audience is their downtime that normally are the after working hours or weekends. Buffer and HootSuite are the most commonly used tools to schedule the status updates and posts on different social media channels and these will be published on the appointed time.
  • Frequent Use of images
Images perform better than anything else on special media and hence attract more people to be engaged with your brand. For instance, in Facebook recent news feeds goes down within few hours and you may not be able to target the audience or if one wants to search for something of their choice that would be difficult if you are making text alone posts. Some people don’t prefer to watch video as they may not have enough time. Then what’s the best to fulfill your social media marketing need? Certainly the photos with texts; this is the most expedient way of engaging people. Pictures are the best demonstrators and can attract more audience contrasting the simple text posts or videos. Make the best self-explanatory images like charts or info graphics and give a good boost to your audience engagement and their interaction with your business.
  • Calls to Action
Engaging your audience on social media is what fulfills the actual purpose of these platforms. But how you can do this? Another good way is to generate beneficial and resourceful questions leading to healthy and informative discussions. Its general human behavior that they like to respond to their interest related inquiries with fervor. However, your questions must be moderate enough and not annoying at all. Calls to action at the end of your post will bring more audience engagement and to encourage them you need to use captive queries. Likewise, for any of your promotional call, you must use the more interactive keywords. Like on Facebook, ‘win’ or ‘give away’ appears not much attractive but keywords like ‘sweepstakes’, ‘clearance’ and discount phrases like ‘% off’ etc can drew more customers your way. In the same way promoted tweets and retweets will be helpful for businesses to engage more followers on Twitter.  Including links and embedding images in your tweets to ask the audience for downloading your catalog etc will give you more clicks and ultimately the more followers. For any call to action, keep in line with what age of audience you are targeting and formulate the questions accordingly. All in all, for broader audience engagement and winning new customers for your business make the best incorporation of these social media marketing tools and techniques. It’s not a pie cake to be baked in minutes, marketing through social media for brand recognition need efforts and more patience along with strategic thinking and eye kept on ever evolving market trends.   Formalize, Energize And Stabilize Your Digital Marketing Solutions With Us To Elevate Your Brand With Amplified Revenue Generation.

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